UNIC: a campaign that communicates value

New communication campaign for UNIC - Italian Tanneries, with a simple and incisive message: "Real Leather is Real Sustainability".

The campaign is aimed primarily at end consumers, so that they understand the value of a Made in Italy product of excellence, a product "whose identity is based on indisputable characteristics of naturalness, circularity, durability and creativity".

The visuals and messages of the UNIC campaign are evocative and direct. Six concepts: Organic, Plastic Free, Sustainable, Green, Recyclable,  all associated with a single awareness, that is each of them finds concrete expression in being 100% Leather.

Purposes of the campaign

The UNIC campaign aims to spread and strengthen knowledge and awareness of leather, especially among the younger generations. It communicates its identity of a historical and consolidated example of circular economy, characteristics that are little known to the mass of consumers.

In fact, as a by-product of the food industry, leather is recovered by the tanning industries that ennoble it and transform it into a material with high added value, with multiple intended use, fashion, automotive and design.
As stated by UNIC "the goal of the campaign is very precise and no longer derogable: to communicate the many, evident sustainable pluses of Italian leather".