Leather for furniture 

In furniture, the covering material plays an essential role. Especially if we are talking about furnishing accessories in leather that must combine technical and aesthetic characteristics like resistance and long life, ease of cleaning and appearance.Cuoietto

Conceria Bruttomesso has developed a dedicated item: cuoietto. It is a split obtained from bovine skin that reproduces the noble and elegant effect of "cuoio". It has a compact, bright and resistant appearance, but at the same time it is pleasant to the touch.

It is used to make chairs and structured, linear, elegant or design furnishing accessories.

At the customer’s request, cuoietto item can be smooth or printed, in different grains (full grain pores, crocodile) and with more or less glossy finishes, all the way to the lacquer version.

Conceria Bruttomesso has developed production policies which are attentive to both the environment and its employees.

This is why cuoietto furniture leather is finished with water-based mixtures and therefore contains no solvents or other potentially harmful substances.

Tipo di pelle:
bovine split

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