Conceria Bruttomesso and Ecovadis certification

Conceria Bruttomesso, with the Silver Ecovadis certification, supports the main sustainability criteria.

Conceria Bruttomesso has obtained the Silver Ecovadis certification as regards the respect of the main sustainability criteria. The certification will soon be renewed as, as a company, Conceria Bruttomesso considers it essential to have a method in the processing of its products, which respects not only the environment but also people.

The EcoVadis methodology is based on 21 criteria grouped into four themes: Environment, Fair Labor Practices, Ethical / Fair Commercial Practices and Logistic Chains.
It is based on international sustainability rating standards.

We use the Ecovadis certification and therefore the sustainability rating for sustainability leaders, such as Conceria Bruttomesso, who want to monitor this rating in the supply chain.

We always keep track of our strengths and improvements regarding this certification, thanks to the details provided and the scores we have recorded in the 4 fundamental Ecovadis themes.

Ecovadis themes

Here are the criteria by which a company is evaluated to obtain Certification scores:


Work and human rights


Sustainable procurement